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Tired of overflowing file cabinets and mountains of paper? Document Scanning & Digitization

We get it. In today’s digital world, paper clutter is more than an eyesore; it’s a productivity killer. At Records Management SA, we help businesses and individuals break free from paper dependency with our seamless document scanning and digitization solutions.

Why choose us?

Our team of experts offers expert consulting, helping you maximize the value of your digitized documents.

Security You Can Trust

We take data privacy seriously, employing industry-leading security measures to keep your documents safe.

Unmatched Quality

High-resolution scans, accurate data capture and data extraction to ensure your digital documents are crystal clear and easily searchable.

Solutions for Every Need

We cater to individuals and businesses of all sizes including any document type – from small receipt scanning to large format scanning such as drawing scanning, from contracts, legal case files and invoices to family photos and historical records as well as x-ray scanning.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your scanning reduces your manual tasks and internal processing. Our scanning bureau is geared for handling large volumes of scanning which is scalable to meet our client needs.

Effortless Process

We’ll collect your documents, you can relax, and let us handle the rest. We’ll scan, organize, and deliver your digital files securely.

More Than Just Scanning

We offer a range of  additional services to enhance your digital experience.

Productivity without compromise

Ultra-fast, robust, high-quality production scanners

  • Highly efficient, ultra fast and capable of up to 280 images per minute.

  • Superior Quality Images that are constantly crisp, clear and optimised for accuracte data extraction.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): We employ advanced OCR technology to convert scanned images into editable and searchable text files.

  • Scan mixed paper sizes and thickness, including business cards and up to A1 sized documents.

  • Indexing and Metadata: We add relevant metadata to your documents for easy organization and retrieval.

  • Barcode and 2D Code recognition

  • Delivery and Integration: We deliver your digitized documents in the format that best suits your needs and can integrate them with your existing document management system.

Steps in bulk document scanning & digitization

Embrace digital transformation

1 – Document Preparation
  • Sort and Organize: Group documents by type, date, project, or any other relevant criteria. This will streamline the scanning process and ensure consistent organization.
  • Remove Staples and Bindings: Carefully remove staples, paper clips, binders, and sticky notes to prevent damage to the scanner.
  • Repair Damaged Documents: Repair tears, creases, or folds that might affect scan quality.
  • Flatten Folded Documents: Use document flatteners or place documents under heavy books to ensure smooth scanning.
  • Clean Documents: Lightly dust documents with a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
2 – Scanning
  • Choose the Right Scanner: Select a scanner suitable for your document volume and desired image quality. High-speed document scanners are ideal for bulk projects.
  • Define Scanning Settings: Set resolution, file format (PDF, TIFF, JPEG), color mode (grayscale or color), and other parameters based on your needs.
  • Batch Scanning: Scan multiple documents at once using the feeder tray. Ensure proper feeding and alignment.
  • Quality Control: Regularly check scanned images for missing pages, skewed pages, or other errors. Rescan if necessary.
3 – Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Convert Images to Searchable Text: If you need text-searchable documents, our OCR software can extract text from scanned images.
  • Proofread and Correct: Proofread and correct extracted text to ensure accuracy.
4 – Indexing
  • Add Metadata: Tag scanned documents with keywords, descriptions, and other relevant information for easy retrieval.
  • Use Consistent Naming Conventions: Develop a consistent naming system for scanned files to facilitate organization and searchability.
  • Consider Document Management System (DMS): For large volumes of documents, consider using a DMS to manage, store, and access your digital archive efficiently.
5 – Quality Control:
  • Review Scanned Files: Double-check all scanned files for completeness, image quality, and OCR accuracy.
  • Fix Errors: Correct any identified errors in scanned images, extracted text, or metadata.
  • Backup Regularly: Back up your scanned documents to a secure location to prevent data loss.
6 – Document Retention and Disposal
  • Determine Document Retention Policy: Decide how long you need to keep physical documents after digitization based on legal requirements and internal policies.
  • Secure Disposal: If physical documents are no longer needed, use MasterShred to dispose of them securely.

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